How to participate

Sponsortrek is not a travel agent! We do not receive any money and you pay the costs of the plane ticket to a travel agent of your own choice.   

Many participants have already enjoyed the excellent service of Tendy Sherpa and his company "Iceland Trekking". The costs for the trek or journey you will pay directly to the this very reliable company. But if you prefer to join us as a Sponsortrek participant with an other company of your choice it is up to you.
We bring you to one of our projects in Nepal so you can see what we are doing with your sponsored money.

We met Tendy Sherpa in 1984 through Jos Bus (council member of ICFON, International Council Friends of Nepal). Together with Tendy Sherpa or one of the board members of the Nepal Rehabilitation Center you can visit the project in kathmandu or other projects in the countryside.

Tendy is very involved in our aid projects. E.g. he built the Health post at Keronja, the health post Gumda, the blind girls hostel Dhulikhel, the Gompa of Bhandar and also the last beautiful project; the training center for disabled woman and children Kathmandu.

We would be pleased to organize an excursion to one of the  projects. Volunteers will help you to organize and to plan your visit to Nepal.

Climbing a Peak and sponsoring per meter climbing:
Make from your expedition or trekking a sponsor expedition and let you sponsor by climbed meter.
Mera Base camp 4750 meters to the summit is about 1600 meters climbing and friends or relatives can sponsor you for every climbed meter from the base camp. In 2008 we climbed Mera Peak with a very nice group of  9 member and 7 members reached the summit, so we collected 7300 euro!
And that is a lot, we bought 12computers, 12 sewing machines and we could pay an whole year salary for teachers of the disabled project Kathmandu.

If you visit the Disabled Rehabilitation Center Kathmandu, please give your donation directly to the administrator and ask for a receipt.
Please tell us about your donation and we let you know about the project.

Please contact us:


Iceland trekking

Himlung peak sponsor expedition start april 2010   some of our children in the project

                              make your Sponsor Expedition and sponsor one of our projects