Makalu Base Camp

The Makalu Bas Camp trek is in the Eastern Nepal. Photos:

Shipton La pas (4127 m), one of the high passes en route to Makalu Base Camp.

Makalu (8475 m)

Makalu at sunrise

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The trek to Makalu Basecamp is through the Barun National Park in Eastern Nepal. Makalu is in rank the 5th highest mountain on earth and its altitude 8463 meter. The altitude differences are very rapid. The Arun Valley is at an altitude of about 400 meter and the altitude of the highest point of the Hillary Base Camp is at about 4900 meter! The Makalu- Barun National Park has a size of 2.300 square kilometers.

The Makalu- Barun National Park was founded as the 8th National Park of Nepal in 1992. Together with the Sagarmatha Nationaal Park to the West and the 35000 square kilometer Quomolangma Nature Reserve in Tibet to the North they are a unique Ecosystem. Beautiful high altitude meadows and dense forest alternate.

Due to the large altitude differences there are large differences in climates. The Arun Valley is sub-tropical and at the Base Camp there is a polar climate. In the trekking season, the temperature at the Base Camp at night is -15 to -25 degrees Celcius and during the day above zero due to sunshine.

The Arun Valley has rice fields, bananas and expecially "Suntalla's" (mandarins) which are a favoured by the trekking members.

The rain forest after Tashi Gaon have a unique flora of Rhodondendrons, Orchids and many (medicinal) herbs. Pandas and deer hide in the dense forests. Monkeys (langur) are spotted regularly.

There is a plan to build a hydro-electric dam in the valley of the Arun and the lake would deliver electricity to a large part of Nepal. When you walk around in this beautiful area you will doubt the plans and hope it will never be executed.

The best time for starting a trek is October or middle April. December is fairly cold and snow is common on the passes after the middle of November.