Mera Peak 6.476 meter (see map)

 Map of the Mera Peak Trek

Route to Mera Peak, starting in Jiri a 24 days trek!

We collected 7300 euro's sponsor money, by climbing this mountain !
We could buy 12 pieces of sewing machines and 12 computers for the disabled project and we could also pay one year salary's for teachers! So this trekking has been very succesful.

Please start your own sponsor expedition!  

pictures Dutch Mera Expedition Spring 2008
Gompa Bhandar built by Hans Lind Hout in 1997      Rhodondenrons near Goli Gompa
Bhandar Gompa built in 1997 by Hans Lindhout Sponsortrek Nepal
Lots of fouers near Pike and Goli Gompa, (Primula's)     Numbur Peak seen from Goli Gompa
Lots of flowers, it is Springtime! To the left; Numbur Peak 6959 meter, with Laliguras
Laliguras the national flour of nepal     Pike is a real nice acclimatisation Mountain
Laliguras, the red Rhododendron is the national flour of Nepal. Tot the right Pike 4070 m.
Springtime near Junbesi      Stupa of Junbesi
near Junbesi with Stupa, they eyes of Buddha to all points of the compass
Camp near Tagnac 4100 meter      Pemba our climbing guide near Tagnac
Camp near Tagnac 4100 meter
Camp Khare 4800 meters    
Mera Peak
Mera Peak from Khare 4800 meter
Camp on Mera La 4800 meters    Camp Mera La with Nau Lekh 6200 meters
Camp Mera La 5400 meter, left Mera en  Naulekh to the right picture
up to the high camp 5800 meter
Up to the high camp 5800 meter with Makalu (left) and Chamlang 
High Camp 5800 meters near the rocks a safe place    From the summit; view to Everest and Lhotse
High camp (left) and Everest with Lhotse, view from the summit
at 8 oçlock on the summit, no wind and bright sunshine
Mera Dream Team on the summit

Photo's by Jean van Berkel and Rokus Graafland September en October 1998:

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299 KByte map of the Mera Peak trek, from Jiri (bottom left),
to Mera Peak (top right) and Lukla (left of Mera Peak)
merama98 Sept/Oct 1998
Mera Peak, 6500 m, view to the North-East from the Hinku Valley at 4300 m altitude. temple Sept/Oct 1998
Photos from Jean van Berkel
Prayer flags at the summit of Mera Peak at 6500 m altitude.
View at Mount Everest (8846 m), Lhotse (8516 m) and Nuptse (7879 m), 
meratop Sept/Oct 1998
Mera Glacier and two summits of Mera Peak in the far distance meraglac Sept/Oct 1998
Village of Goli Gompa with millet (green) fields at 3000 m altitude near
Pike (4100 m). Back-ground Rolwaling Himal mountains.
valley Oct/Nov 1998
Village of Nuntala (Jiri - Lukla trail) with young boy carrying leaves back home. nuntala Sept/Oct 1998
Boy of around 6-8 years carrying leaves out of the woods high up the mountains
near Nuntala.
nuntboy Sept/Oct 1998
Lukla, Everest Region luklavil Sept/Oct 1998
Himalaya Lodge in Lukla, Everest Region himlodge Sept/Oct 1998
Porters in the Hinku valley with broken moraine of Sabai Tsho Lake
causing a major flood on the 3th of September, 1998.
mporthol Sept/Oct 1998
Porter girls at the end of the trek in the Hinku valley with broken moraine
of Sabai Tsho Lake causing a major flood on the 3rd of September, 1998.
porthole Sept/Oct 1998
Porters smoking during a rest. All the porters smoke cigarets and pipe,
including the porter girls.
girlsmok Sept/Oct 1998
Karikhola, South of Lukla karikola Sept/Oct 1998
Kitchen boy/cook Lokendra on the Mera Glacier (5400 m altitude),
view towards Khare and Tangnag.
lokengla Sept/Oct 1998
Lukla airstrip with a Twin Otter plane landing. luklairp Sept/Oct 1998
Photos from Rokus Graafland
Last meters to the top of Mera Peak. rokus1 Sept/Oct 1998
Big rock at high camp, 5800 meters altitude. Our camp was behind this rock. rokus2 Sept/Oct 1998
Above Tangnag, view at Sabai Tsho Lake with broken moraine dam (left)
and Mera Glacier (middle).
rokus3 Sept/Oct 1998
Woman cooking inside on an open wood fire, vilalge of Pagongma. rokus90 Sept/Oct 1998
Basket maker and woman (with red dress) with golden ring in her nose,
near vilalges of Pahplu and Loding.
rokus91 Sept/Oct 1998
Dancing kitchen boys, simple lodge near village of Goli Gompa rokus92 Sept/Oct 1998
Tamang porters smoking a pipe in their natural overhanging "big rock" shelter,
village of Tangnag, Hinku Valley
rokus93 Sept/Oct 1998