3th Newsletter Earthquake Sponsortrek Nepal


Noordbeemster 25 May, 2015.

Dear Nepalfriends, Namaste,
Most of the international rescue teams went home after the last few survivors were found among the rubble. Help was limited to the
easy-access areas but the remote mountain villages waited too long for help.
Communication with the mountain regions was not really possible. Telephone connections were broken and the valleys are full of landslides.
Tendy Sherpa has taken appropriate action immediately. The DRC building was saved from destruction and the help in Keraunja was better coordinated.

Keraunja Ganesh Himal
Our helpers Thiren Rai and Tamang Mingmar went to Keraunja after the disaster and they arrived at the same time as a team of United Mission
who dropped food by helicopter. The health post manager Chandra Bahadur received medicine supplies.
A doctor was also working in the area and he also visited the surrounding villages Kasigaon, Rhumchet and Uhiya.
After the earthquake, there were "only" 12 deaths of an estimated 2500 inhabitants. There were virtually no injuries; most people
were working in the fields as they are all farmers.


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School zwaar beschadigd waiting for help
The village was almost wiped off the map, only the school is reasonably intact, the damage is large (picture L)

Hout sprokkelen Help is coming
A woman gathers wood, while a helicopter lands with supplies. On the right you will see health post manager Chandra Bahadur.
Our Sherpa and Tamang Mingmar are unloading relief supplies.

jongen met een baal rijst Total flat
A boy is happy to brings a relief package to his destroyed home.
Thiren put up tent Emergency healthpost
Thiren Rai and Tamang Mingmar are setting up an emergency health post made of tarpaulins to serve as an emergency shelter for the victims.
At the time of this writing, 6000 kg rice of Iceland Trekking and 12000 kilos of the Government were sent to Keraunja. The valley of the Buri Gandaki
is full of landslides and the army has been deployed to fix the trails for help overland.
Thiren and Mingmar together with a small group took a different route to Keraunja, high above the river, which was a heavy route for the porters.
The entire population of Keraunja helps with transport of emergency goods from Gorkha.

Zoals hij moet zijn  de medicijnkast staat er nog
The original Healthpost                                                                          
After the earthquake, a total rebuild will be needed.
Thiren met Chandra Bahadur Het interieur

Thiren with Chandra Bahadur, it is very sad how badly these people are affected!

How to proceed
First, we monitor if there are short-term needs, such as adequate food and tarpaulins.
Thiren regularly goes to Keraunja to discuss this with the village heads Khem Bahadur and Chandra Bahadur.
Several villages in the area such as Gumda and Barpak will, most likely, not be rebuilt.
The Keraunja people we will stay! About 2500 people live in the village and it would be a disaster if they have to relocate.
The following facilities will have to be rebuilt or repaired:

+ The Healthpost.
+ The water well and water supply in the village.
+The communal toilets.
+ The school.

This just to name a few examples. At the moment, we collected approximately € 16,000. Depending on the collected amount,
we will determined what we can do. Cooperation with other organizations is definitely sought.

Earthquake-resistant buildings would be best. The problem is the isolated location. Everything must either be transported by helicopter or
on foot which takes 3-4 days from from Gorkha. This makes it very expensive. To build earthquake resistant buildings, iron reinforced concrete is required.

There are other methods, with EPS foam for example, but if you can use this in a natural area, is big question.
When processing, a lot of bad waste could enter the environment and we want to avoid. Good ideas are always welcome!

The DRC building has been repaired and made earthquake-proof.
Dick Lust with his wife Tonia made a trip to Bhutan and as a stopover, they arrived immediately after the disaster in Nepal.
Unbelievable what they have experienced, they have visited DRC and took the photos below.

Tendy Sherpa as organizer .At work
Iron beams are placed in the walls and the damage repaired. Painting will be done later. Cost are € 5.500- 6000.
The lessons have started again!
earthquakeproof by steel and irene belts  earthquake proof
The iron beams will keep the building solid. During the 2nd earthquake on May 12, there was no damage!
The beams will be coverd with Sal wood, so it will look like nice wood beams.
Teacher Tonia 
Tonia teaching. Many schools are closed or destroyed. Schools need to be rebuilt or the teaching is outside.

In short, the DRC building has been rescued and it is expected that when there is another heavy earthquake, the building will survive.
When this will happen remains a big question. Eighty years have passed between two heavy earthquakes, what the future holds is uncertain.
Yet the survival of DRC in its current form is difficult. Every year the children go door to door to collect money.
They collect somewhere between €11000 and € 12000. Most houses in the neighborhoods surrounding DRC are severely damaged
and often there is no more front door to collect!
Every year we donate approximately € 10000 to the cost of DRC and cannot afford more with the current sponsors.
After a few months we will see how to proceed. All this depends on several factors, such as the increase in the sponsoring .
An idea is to adopt a child financially.

Our Sherpas need help!
Thiren Mingmar and the Austrian Rudi Mayr are going to Okhaldunga, Bhandar and Garaimudi, where our Sherpas live.

All the houses have been destroyed, the 2nd earthquake on May 12 gave the final blow.
Their houses are located near the epicenter of the second earthquake. The Gompa of Bhandar is no longer.
As emergency aid we donated € 1650 for tarpaulins and food.

As soon as we have more news, we will let you know.

All good sponsors we say once again, many thanks.


On behalf of the Board of Directors

Rob K๖lber

0299 690460