Numbur trek

Numbur Peak 6959 meter, seen from Goli Gompa.

There is a beautiful trek starting in Jiri, over Pike 4070 meter to Junbesi and Mopung, over Kala La, Gyajo La and Panch Pokhari to Jiri.

Please ave a look at the pictures and when you show interest for this trekking please contact your agency.
We have made this trekking
with Iceland Trekking and Expedition and we can recommend this agency for your you.

Please do'nt forget to visit our project in kathmandu or our Gompa Bhandar thank you for your kind donation !

Photos from Harry Brands (Numbur) and Rob Kolber (Pike)

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Pike Summit 4070 m
View from Pike, 4000 m
Numbur Peak, from Goli Gompa.
Mopung start Numbur Trek.
before Jalamtso
Zar Mohe Glacier, from Gyoja Teng.
View highest camp to Gyoja La Pass.
Bighera Go, from Gyoja La Pas.
Big pheras and Numur Peak, from Tsezine Camp.
Panch Pokhri