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Noordbeemster mai 2015

smeken om voedsel Gumda Ganesh Himal
Gumda directly after the earthquake (photo from the internet)

Namaste dear Nepal friends,

The damage of earthquake is unprecedented and unfortunately the aid was initially limited to Kathmandu and some easy-to-reach places.
Only after a week, the remote villages in the Ganesh Himal received aid.
Two persons, Mingmar and Thiren have gone to Keraunja to check the situation. Keraunja has been completely destroyed as seen on
this photo which we found on the Internet:


It seems the whole hillside came down, large rock boulders are everywhere. The Health Post is unrecognizable.

We approached several organizations and asked them go to the area with tents, blankets and relief supplies, and of course medical staff.
After much pleading, we were told by Eye Care Nepal, that, one week after the disaster, finally a medical team has gone to the area with supplies.

Keraunja and surrounding villages were accessible only by helicopter. A trip through the valley of the Buri Gandaki was not possible as this area
in still in a state of emergency with big shortages of food. Food and tents would not reach the mountain areas.

For a small organization like Sponsortrek Nepal such a relief action is risky and really impossible to organize.

The relief in Keraunja was enormous once they got professional help.

How to proceed? We await the arrival of our Sherpas in Keraunja and then decide what to do. Eye Care has promised us to facilitate
medical camps later in the year.
There are pictures on the Internet and Barpak Laprak, the epicenter of the earthquake:

De meeste huize zijn ingestrot   leven onder een zeiltje

DRC Disable Rehabillitation Centre Kathmandu
The building is badly damaged and there are now still daily, two weeks after the disaster, aftershocks.
The children are afraid to sleep inside the building. Tendy Sherpa has taken direct action in consultation with us.
An engineer has analyzed the damage and the weak areas in the building. The upstanding walls are still fine and will be reinforced with a
steel structure, using steel cables along the ceiling, so all the walls will remain intact with new shocks.
The total cost will be between € 5500 and 6000, and will be paid out of gifts.


Het huis zit vol scheuren  
The building seems fine but there is still a collapse risk.

U-profiles will create an earth quake proof building.


The U-profiles will be screwed to the walls and cemented. Thick steel cables on the ceiling will connected them.
They are covered with "Saal wood", so it looks like it is a timber. A beautiful structure, but this comes with a cost.

niet meer buiten slapen

No more sleeping outside, the building is now safe.

How much do we need to realize our projects?

  • New construction health post Keraunja, cost € 10000-12000.
  • Recovery DRC building, earthquake proofing € 6000. We have already started!
  • Water Keraunja € 3000 - € 5000.
  • Keraunja emergency, medical camp; what is possible

At this time, we collected € 12000.

Once our Sherpas are back with news from Keraunja, we will let you know on the situation there!

Many thanks to all the sponsors.


On behalf of the Board,

Rob K๖lber

0299 690460