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April 2015

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Barpak in puin


Dear Nepalfriends, Namaste,
As promised, an update regarding de disaster in Nepal and the situation of our projects.
An informative e-mail of Tendy Sherpa, Director of Iceland Trekking:

Mail Tendy:
Namaste dear all,
It is more bad then we expected, Bhandar is out of reach.
No contact at all till now.
Kerounja is out of Reach, totally out of Contact, all people are out
of reach. Their phones are not working.
Barpak, Laprak, Gumda, Kerounja are out of contact.
Helicopter rescue could not reach there .
Even here in kathmandu thousands of people are still under the houses,

who are alive are all outside at empty ground.
I am busy to take care of people around my house and our Children at DRC.
I provided DRC  fly sheets, ground Sheets and Mattresses

to let them sleep outside, because  earthquake is still going on but not
as big as the first one.
Many houses around my house are not able to be used because lots are

damaged and it is dangerous to sleep in those houses .
So many children and their mothers are sleeping with my Family.
Tomorrow Dick will visit DRC if situation improves.
Till this morning was not good situation.
Thank you for the kind cooperation and concern about us and help.

Thank you very much.

Warm regards
Tendy Sherpa

DRC (Disability Rehabilitation Centre)
We had contact by telephone and all the children of DRC are fine. The building is damaged and will
need to be repaired, but not until the aftershocks have stopped.
The children now sleep in improvised tents.
A big sheet of plastic, used for greenhouses was bought, and this is 100% waterproof and very strong.
We expect that today the children will again be able to sleep in the building. This is good news.
Several walls have fractures, but the walls are very thick and sturdy and will not collapse.
Repairs will cost a lot of money, but we are happy that nobody got hurt.

outsite safe

After the disaster, Tendy Sherpa found the children below a plastic sheet as a shelter for the rain.

The plastic emergency shelter, now dry and safe.

 Matrassen iceland Trekking

Trekking matresses of Iceland Trekking

Kaartje leggen Taas Kelnu
Taas Kelnu, game of cards


Damage to the Physiotherapy area, roof is distorted

Kerounja Healthpost

The epicentre of the earthquake was in Barpak in the Ganesh Himal, North of Gorkha and only a few kms from Kerounja.
All houses suffered severe damage or are flattened.
The healthpost is probably badly damaged or has totally collapsed
We built a water well in Kerounja above the village for the villagers. Before they used water out of a brook but
they contracted chronical bowel diseases.

We fear that the well is also damaged and possibly out of order.

 Barpak in puin

 Barpak Ganesh Himal na de ramp

What to do? Ke Garne?
The area cannot be reached by road and the valley of Buri Gandaki is likely to be blocked.
The damage is enormous. If, we as Sponsortrek Nepal would send a team of doctors and aids, we would need to
give help already en route to Arughat.
The international help currently concentrates around Kathmandu, which we understand.
A few relief goods seem to be flown by helicopter to the mountainous regions and badly wounded vistims are flown to Kathmandu.
We cannot do anything untill first aid is given by the local relief organisations. Sponsortrek is not capable of doing this.
We hope we could help later. Two doctors have volunteered but we can only participate in a structured relief program.
We contacted various relief organisation like the Dutch section of Eye Care Nepal and we are in good contact with them.

 We hope to participate in a relief programme and to assist a medical team for a long time.This  together with Chandra Bahadur and the medical assistents Gumda, Kashigaon, Laprak, Barpak and Rhumchet. This would serve around 12000 mountain people.

We think that especially the outer regions in the mountains need to be visited to evacute the badly wounded victims.
Helicopters are now busy evacutating mountainclimbers from the Mount Everest region but there are few helicopers in Nepal.

We wait till we could give help.

Your support will be used for e.g.:

1. Helping the 55 children of DRC

2. Repairing the DRC building

3. Relief Aid in Keraunja once it is accessible

4. To build up the Keraunja Healthpost and possibly the one in Gumda

Are you a doctor and are you available for assistance in Nepal? Please send us an e-mail or call us.

All volunteers pay for their own flight but get free subsistence in Nepal.

The entire gift, 100%,  will be used for the projects, see the year report on our website.

We thank everybody for their support and gifts.


On behalf of the Sponsortrek board members,

Rob Kölber

(+31) 0299 690460

Please help Nepal:

Bankaccount number:   NL81ABNA0861147545
Bic (swift):  ABNANL2A.
ABN – Amro Bank
The Netherlands

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