Rolwaling Himal (map)

Map of Rolwaling Treks

Photo story of the October 2000 trek/climb to Rolwaling/Parchamo (in English)


Photo near Tsho Rolpa lake  4800 m

Ramdong Peak (5930 m) from Yalung La (5310 m)

Rolwaling 1998 trek

Here are photos from the Rolwaling trek organized by Sponsortrek in April 1998. Photographs from Henk Dijkstra, Delft, the Netherlands.

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Store in Barhabise, start of Rolwaling trek.
Stupas near the Bigu Gomba monastory.
Children near Laduk.
Camp near Laduk in Rolwaling with typical blue tents of Iceland Trekking
En route from Laduk to Jagat, porters of Iceland Trekking.
Painted Mani Wall, a prayer wall, between Laduk and Jagat in Rolwaling
Panaroma between Jagat and Simigaon.
View at the Gauri Shankar Mountain, between Dogna and Beding.
Sherpa village of Beding, 3700 m altitude.
Bhoudha painting on rock between Beding and Na.
White yak near Na.
Valley near Na.
Mountain near Na.
Snowy camp at Na at an altitude of 4200 m.
Yaks at the camping spot in Na.
Hamlet of Na, last settlement after Beding.
Terraces between Rato Mate (Malephu) and Dolakha.
Woman in the village of Charikot cleaning barley.
Sunset at the village of Charikot, end of Rolwaling trek.
Powder dies used to colour the face during religious festival at the temples of Pashupatinath in Kathmandu.
Bodnath temple in Kathmandu.
Eyes of Boudha directed to the North, East, South and West, Swayambhunath (Monkey) temple, Kathmandu.
Thamel area (old centre) in Kathmandu.
Silver factory of Dambar in Kathmandu.